Well, when Microeconomics 2 ended, my teacher gave me this book which caught jealousy from most of my friends hahaha (because it’s really new and smell beautiful – can i call that new-book smell?)

This book is quite thick but it’s not that heavy. You may be surprised when you pick it up.

The writers are Daron Acemoglu and James A.Robbinson who had researched many fields, in many years to publish this book.

It is all about why nations fail. The main and only reason they have presented is political institution. They gave many many examples to support their ideas. They have also rejected some theories: geography may affect the economic development or the heads of states are aggressive.

I’ve just read 1/10 of this book but it inspired me a quite crazy idea for my research. I have a thought that a will make a research about why Vietnamese economy fails. Absolutely it is all about the “…” I’ve mentioned above, hahahaha.

Well, maybe it’s an idea which I never turn it become true or if I stay in another country.

I strongly recommend you must read this book. It doesn’t only bring you knowledge in economics, but also give you some general look over the failure of the world.

Why some nations are rich and the others are poor – and still poor?

Read this and you will know